Pure Juniperus Virginiana Cedarwood Oil
The Natural Choice.


Giles and Kendall concentrates on making the finest products from Juniperus Virginiana. This glorious tree is our life blood. We treat it with respect and our process ensures that no part of the tree ever goes to waste. The tree has many properties that set it apart from other types of cedar. The scent of the naturally occurring oil in our wood not only blends well with floral fragrances for perfumes, but the aroma and beauty of the wood lends itself to many practical applications within home interiors where discerning homeowners gravitate towards mother nature’s solutions rather than man-made pesticides.

At Giles and Kendall we employ a sustainable process that minimally impacts the environment. We harvest only carefully selected trees that have fully matured, since only mature trees have the properties required for our quality products. Consequently, we are careful to avoid harming other younger trees when we harvest because we are conscious of our environmental impact. Additionally, much of the harvesting is done by hand thus preserving traditional land-use practices. Furthermore, we use the entire tree to make our wood products and Virginiana Cedarwood oil. Nothing goes to waste. Even the bark serves a purpose.