Pure Juniperus Virginiana Cedarwood Oil
The Natural Choice.


Our steam distillation process was developed by George C. Brown in 1926 and is still being used at our plant. Much like the work we did in the late 1920’s, Giles and Kendall continues to create its oil using techniques developed hundreds of years ago in Asia and Europe. Pure Virginiana Cedarwood oil is only available from Giles and Kendall. Other types of cedar oil products use different species of cedar wood and do not have the desired properties.

For over 90 years, Giles and Kendall has led the world in the extraction of Virginiana Cedarwood oil for the perfume industry and the production of aromatic cedar wood products for the interior design trade. Today we are regarded as the world’s premier source of Virginiana Cedarwood products. We have been successful because of our focus and our dedication to perfecting the production of the world’s finest Cedarwood products and derivatives. Today our oil can be found in perfumes that are sold worldwide and our wood products can be found on the shelves of the country’s best known wood product wholesalers and retailers. Our goal is to continue to provide our partners with a consistent product that is the very best in class.