Pure Juniperus Virginiana Cedarwood Oil
The Natural Choice.


Virginiana Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana) is a remarkably unique tree. It only grows naturally - in the wild - in a small geographical area in the Southeastern United States. The tree requires a particular soil, climate and environment and cannot be successfully cultivated in any other area of the world.

Our Company is located in the heart of this geographic area in Huntsville, Alabama.

Our wood has a natural perfume that renders it wonderfully fragrant to humans but repels insects (especially cockroaches, moths and silverfish). The world’s finest interior architects often incorporate Virginiana Cedar in their closet designs and in other areas of the home to keep bugs at bay without having to resort to potentially harmful synthetic chemicals.

The aroma of the natural oil in the wood blends so well with other essences that the world’s finest perfumers insist on using natural Virginiana Cedarwood oil in perfumes, soaps and other fragrant products.

Giles and Kendall is the world’s leading producer of Virginiana Cedar wood products and pure oil.